Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anonymous asked: what characters are you planning on putting in v0.9

The 0.9 Demo, the last one, is supposed to include all the starter characters, I can’t give names.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anonymous asked: if u make a super smash flash 2 v0.9 when will it come out

Well, it’s on progress, but no confirmed date has been given yet. Be sure we’re going to share the information when it’s given. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Captain Falcon

Here he is—the famous F-Zero pilot, Captain Falcon!

This time around, he’s bringing his pride and joy, the F-Zero machine called the Blue Falcon, to the brawl. This inclusion ought to boost his macho, tough-guy reputation significantly. 

You can’t mention the Captain without mentioning his signature move, the Falcon Punch. Captain Falcon is a powerful and fast character. There is not much else to know. But watch out, it’s easy to combo him out of the stage.


0.8 — Win a match with each character in the demo.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The guys at Mcleogaming introduced the 0.8 version of their game with a very classic intro. 

They re-imagined the Classic Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64 and made their own!

Here’s the classic intro of the N64 game. Take a look!


Here it is! The Pocket Monster no. 25! Pikachu is world-wide famous. Cute as always.

Pikachu is small and agile, but a very powerful character, using electric attacks and his lightspeed. His only drawback is this weight, making him easy to knock back. Pikachu is a perfect character for who wants to be an aggressive player, only knowing how to dodge attacks.

Pikachu’s Special Moves

  • Standard Special Move — Thunder Jolt
  • Side Special Move — Skull Bash
  • Up Special Move — Quick Attack
  • Down Special Move —Thunder

Final Smash — Volt Takle


Pretty basic.

Here you can enjoy a simple and fast match. The three floating platforms open a wide range of strategies and possibilities.

In this stage the time passes quite fast. The days go on and on in the background of the struggle.

A red evening.

The night comes…

and gives up to a new day. 

It can be quite a chaos playing with 4 players.

I can’t understand what’s going on!


Saturday, December 31, 2011


Coming from the Legend of Zelda, Link! The Hero Of Time! His looks are from the Twilight Princess games. This silent hero wears his characteristic green tunic, and welds the Master Sword.

Link has an immense arsenal at his hand, from the arrows to the grapple hook, to adapt to every situation. Link is one of the most versatile characters. Perfect if you don’t know what to expect from the opponent. Keep him far away with the projectiles, or engage in close quarters with the sword.

Link’s Special Moves

  • Standard Special Moves — Hero’s bow
  • Side Special Move — Gale Boomerang
  • Up Special Move — Spin Attack
  • Down Special Move — Bomb

Final Smash — Triforce Slash

Friday, December 30, 2011


It’s a him, with his red cap, and his glorious mustache, the only one! Mario!

The famous plumber jois the fight with his classic characteristic, balance

Mario has something to offer in every situation. Having no drawbacks, Mario doesn’t have any shining point either,making him the perfect character for who has just started or for experienced players who want to have some more control over the match.

Mario’s Special Moves

  • Standard Special Move — Fireball
  • Side Special Move — Cape
  • Up Special Move — Super Star Punch
  • Down Special Move — Star Spin

Final Smash — Fire Mario